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Image by Artem Kniaz

Why am I Running?

Because Children Matter….
I believe when each stakeholder--the administration, the teachers, the parents, and students—work together, our children flourish both academically and emotionally .  Our classrooms should foster a sense of mutual respect for others, as well as provide a curriculum and environment that is conducive  to learning.  
Our teachers need to feel valued, appreciated, and respected.  I believe when teachers and support staff feel appreciated and are properly supported, they will exceed our expectations.  This will translate in improved outcomes for both teachers/staff AND our children.
Our parents need to feel they are an active part of their child’s education.  Martin County School District should reflect the morals and values of our families and community.  Parents are a child’s first and most enduring teacher; their opinions and insights regarding their child’s educational and emotional future matter.  
I am convinced if each stakeholder is willing to work together, Martin County School District could lead the rest of the state in education.  Strong schools=Strong Community

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